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About BTO

What began as two young men, meeting and bowling at the Alabama A&M University Student Health & Wellness Center  – B3ating Th3 Oddz Mentoring Inc. 501©3 was founded in the summer of 2014, as a haven for teenage males, between the ages of 12-18, to be inspired, empowered, educated, and cultivated into the best version of themselves. In 2014, the incarceration and murder rate increased for teenage males throughout the United States, and a solution was needed to make a positive, culture shifting impact. BTO Mentoring Inc. was invented to bridge the gap between fatherless, teenage males and coursing towards a path of detriment.


BTO Mentoring Inc. serves teenage males throughout Alabama, extending our reach to Huntsville, Birmingham, and Decatur, Alabama. We currently partner with the Boys & Girls Club of North Alabama, Troop 400 Mentoring Program, Appleton Tutoring Program, R Fathers Mad Mentoring Program, Huntsville City School District, Decatur City School District, Pinnacle Alternative School, Madison County Department of Human Resources, and numerous churches throughout North Alabama to make a significant impact in the lives of teenage males.


 About Us

Since inception, BTO Mentoring Inc. has enrolled more than 150 teenage males in our program, to provide aid with their education and becoming through tutoring, sourcing scholarships, career development, leadership development, soft and life skills, and other activities; such as Mentee Saturdays and Life Night.

We Do


B.T.O Principles

B.TO. Core Values

Leadership - Building young men up to become the leaders they were created to be.


Integrity - Developing our young men to set the standard and stick to their commitments, even when no one is watching.

Character - Helping our young men to develop standards, structure their lives, and to build great character.


Persistence - Teaching our men to keep going even when situations become challenging.

Brotherhood - Friendship, support, understanding, & sharing of same goals.


I AM who God says I am,

I AM a leader & not a follower

I AM above & not beneath

I AM a lender & not a borrower

My life has purpose, and I’m going to be EVERYTHING that I was created to be!


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